We Bring Compassion and Empathy to the Toughest Part of Pet Ownership

End of Life Care

Having and loving a pet means you will likely outlive them. Saying that goodbye is one of the most difficult life experiences. We understand because we love our pets too. And we handle the matter with the empathy and compassion we’d expect if it were our beloved dog or cat we were putting to sleep.

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Compassion in the Procedure

Our euthanasia services will never be something we rush you through. We place you and your pet in the room where the procedure will be done and give you a chance to say your goodbyes. We offer sedation prior to euthanasia if desired and our staff will do everything we can to make the procedure go smoothly and peacefully for your pet.

When you are ready for us to deliver the final dosage we do so gently, even speaking softly to your pet so they feel no harm is being done. The medication takes effect immediately, and then we allow you additional time for your remaining goodbyes.

Aftercare for Your Beloved Pets

Aftercare at Clinton Veterinary Hospital includes the opportunity to memorialize your dog or cat by keeping their cremated remains. We provide beautiful and simple urns you can bring home with you, or we can provide a general cremation.


Our Pet Loss Grief Library offers a number of resources for pet owners in mourning. The loss of a pet can be a major challenge in life. For children in a pet-loving family, this may be their introduction to the concept of dying. For seniors who may have already lost a spouse, the loss of their dog or cat can be devastating.

Our staff can assist you in finding the resources that are right for you.

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“We think you guys are great!!! We are new puppy owners and have not had a dog before and are real novices. All of you — docs, technicians, front desk personnel — have been so patient and accommodating with us as we get used to Puff being a member of our family. It is really helpful and reassuring to know that you guys are there for Puff and us.”

“We just love Dr. Price! Her kind and calm demeanor immediately puts our Sophie at ease. She is a genuine “dog whisperer” and a valuable resource in maintaining our dog’s health.”

“Looking for the very best in veterinary care look no further; Clinton Veterinary Hospital offers the ultimate in veterinary expertise and a true love and compassion for every pet that comes through the door. They are a very caring group of people.”

“Have been going to the Clinton Veterinary Hospital for decades. Literally. They are knowledgeable, and treat you and your pet with respect and consideration.”

“I’ve been going to Clinton Vet for years now. Many cats have come and gone. Good times and bad. The staff there is so caring!!!!! Drs. The Best!!!!!!! Now, if only my own Dr. could be so caring!”

“I have been visiting the Clinton Veterinary Hospital for many years. I am happy to say that I’m always very happy. Dr Price is our vet and my husband and I are very happy with her. She takes the time and is patient with our pets. It means a lot to us. Thank you for being there for us.”

“For my little girl Jessie to be so excited when we arrive to go see the Doc or Tech is remarkable! Thank you for all your consideration and the pleasant atmosphere.”

“Dr Ciok is always friendly, helpful , knowledgeable and unhurried in the time he spends with us. We're very happy that he and Dr Price found CVH and stayed there.”

“Dr. Price and Dr. Ciok are wonderful Vets with broad knowledge, and genuine love and concern for our 2 cats. When both cats faced critical procedures and treatments they shared direct contact information should there be an urgent need.”

“In my 60 years of owning pets, I have never had such knowledgeable, up-to-date, compassionate, caring veterinarians. Our current four animals are receiving excellent care. I wouldn't go anywhere else!”

We Are Here for You, We Want to Hear From You:

Clinton Veterinary Hospital welcomes your calls and your face-to-face visits. We want you to be informed before, during, and after any interaction with us.

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After Hours Emergencies

Clinton Veterinary Hospital sees emergencies Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. For emergencies during all other hours, please contact one of the facilities below:

Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine
Ocean State Veterinary Specialists
Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

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